Who We Are

KYT has been established in 2018. It is an educational website and also is functioning as a Mobile App. It is build to provide the students with an exhaustive data of teachers across India teaching various commerce and professional courses like Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary (CS), Cost and Management Accounting (CMA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) & Financial Risk Management (FRM) who teach through various modes such as Face-to- face classes, Virtual Video classes, Pen-Drive or DVD Classes.

KYT is designed to give the students a quick and convenient solution to their search for professional teachers. It is a virtual hub which brings together the teachers and the students on one platform. We maintain a comprehensive database of teachers who are truly passionate about their profession. The KYT assembles the professional details of teachers including their qualification, experience, academy details. KYT also makes available demo lectures link, social media links and various other links. Students can also avail the Pen drives, DVDs and Books. It is one stop destination for all the teachers teaching commerce and professional courses and the students who are contemplating to pursue professional courses.

Founder Message

Mr. Gopal Soni is the founder of KYT. He is pursuing Chartered Accountancy course & is currently in the Final level. The idea to develop this website and app was his brainchild which originated due to the need and obstacles which he came across when he commenced studying for the course. He had to face a host of difficulties while searching for an appropriate teacher who conducts CA classes in the city. The promoter found that it was a common and chronic problem with most of the students pursuing professional courses.

“This new portal is a digital resource to give all the students ONE-STOP hassle-free solution for their search of teachers teaching professional courses and will facilitate as a single source of information of the teachers across the nation” He says.